Heslington Sportsfield Management Committee [HSMC] aims to provide the best possible service, but if we should, in your opinion, fall short of the high standards we set, there is a redress procedure which you can use.

HSMC values our user’s thoughts and feelings.

HSMC welcomes constructive criticism as an opportunity to learn.

HSMC will listen and take a note of any complaints in a non-judgemental and courteous way.

HSMC will apologise if they are in the wrong.



All complaints should be recorded in the Complaints File to allow HSMC to improve its services.

All trustees are empowered to deal with any minor complaints.

If any trustee is unable to rectify the complaint then they should report the matter to the Secretary of the Management Committee who will investigate the circumstances and record the outcomes.

The Secretary will acknowledge in writing, the receipt of any complaint, (normally within 48 hours).

The Secretary will undertake to investigate the circumstances leading to the complaint.

The Secretary will communicate the results of the inquiry to the complainant within twenty-one days.

The Complainant shall have the right, if dissatisfied with the results of this inquiry, to put their case to the Chair of the Trustees of the charity personally.

Where appropriate HSMC shall make a written apology (signed by the Chair of the Trustees) to the complainant.

A record shall be kept of all complaints and the Management Committee shall be regularly informed of the number and nature of any complaints and the action taken.

If the complaint is directed against the Secretary, it shall be handled by the Chair of HSMC Board of Trustees.

Monitoring and Review

The Officers with proper consultation of the Board of Trustees will regularly review the operation of this policy.  

Agreed by HSMC

 W J McClean

Date 10/05/2018