Health and Safety / Risk Management


Heslington Sportsfield Management Committee.

Health and Safety and Risk Management Policy.

  1. Introduction.

The Sportsfield Management Committee has overall responsibility for the management of the Sportsfield including the pavilion, cricket and football pitches and the playground areas and equipment. It is essential to provide a safe environment for the use of the facilities by agreed users and those persons using it for informal recreation purposes. To achieve this objective the Committee will, as far as is reasonably possible, adhere to the following Health and Safety Policy.

Health and Safety Policy.

The Sportsfield Management Committee will endeavour to:

  • Provide and maintain a safe place for sporting and recreational activities without risk to health.

  • Provide and maintain a safe place for social, recreational and other users to carry out their functions without risk to health.


  • Agree obligatory arrangements with formal users to ensure safety and the absence of risks to health in connection with the use, transport, storage, and handling of articles, equipment and substances that are inherently or potentially dangerous to health.

  • Ensure that where equipment and plant is provided in connection with maintenance and recreational facilities that these items are safe and without risk to health.

  • Communicate to all users the Committee’s commitment to safety and provide comprehensive information and guidelines to ensure, as far as is reasonably practical, the health and safety of all users, visitors, workpeople and spectators.

  • Ensure that all formal users shall have formal Health and Safety policies including, where appropriate, risk assessments and training that comply with and complement the Committee’s health and safety policies and allocate clearly each organisation’s responsibilities.

  • Provide an environment for contractors which is adequate as regards facilities that they might use.

  • Ensure that all formal users have child protection and equivalent policies in place.

  • Require  all users to report accidents and potential accidents to the Sportsfield email address –


Administrative Arrangements.


The Sportsfield Management Committee will:

  • Publish its health and safety policy and distribute it to users and display the policy at appropriate locations. [The pavilion and the Sportsfield website]

  • Complete an annual risk assessment for all areas of the Sportsfield.

  • Consider health and safety matters at its quarterly meetings and analyse any incidents for implications for users and safety.

  • Review the health and safety policy annually at its May meeting, such review involving consultation with the users of the Sportsfield.

  • Undertake a six-monthly full field and facilities inspection by two appointed committee members and a monthly inspection by a nominated member.

  • Review any new legislation or regulations and take any necessary steps to amend its policies to incorporate these changes.

  • Appoint a committee member to have overall responsibility for monitoring health and safety issues.

  • Keep a log of all accidents and potential accidents.

  • Provide a first aid equipment box in the pavilion.


Identified Risk areas:

  • Vehicle movement.

  • Access for emergency vehicles.

  • Adequate first-aid equipment.

  • Electrical equipment.

  • Disposal of waste – health risk and fire risk.

  • Fire from BBQs etc.

  • Food Hygiene.

  • Trees and hedging and fences.

  • Legionnaire’s disease.

  • Unauthorised entry to premises.